Friday, 23 September 2011

Philosophise that.

If there's anything that I've actually learned from philosophy throughout the entire year; its that its not a bludge subject. I actually learnt one really valuable lesson about life, and although it might be generic, its something that I can take into account for now and the future.

Happiness, is something that you create yourself. Its not up to others to create it for you (although they may influence the situation), but you are the one who will realise when you well and truly, really experience happiness.  Many mistake happiness for success, and the feeling that one receives when they excel in something or receive something. Although natural desires such as money, food, sex, status and power may lead you to feeling like you're happy, these are all still influences which lead to your happiness, not necessary your true happiness in itself. 

This leads me to realise that even though everyone in my life so far has let me down in one way in another, its only made me stronger. There's only so much that you can complain about how much you've been hurt. There's nothing I can do about the past, but bury it. For those who treat me like shit, I wish you a happy and fulfilling life if making others miserable satisfies you. Only I can truly make myself happy, and even that may be in the next week, the next year, decade or century, at least I will be able to appreciate it when I well and truly experience it for myself.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

My throat aches in its place.
My heart sinks to my stomach.
My eyes are sick of seeing, my ears sick of hearing.

I just want to be free.