Monday, 8 February 2010

Smiles Are Sexy ;D

Some may say that smiles can make a difference.
Now, I truly believe so.

A random lady in a gold car at the traffic light pulled up next to me on a dreadful day,
and she gave me a rude, hard stare.

I smiled. :)

She winked. ;)

We laughed. ;D

Oh, lady... You made my day.

So next time, smile at people...
And don't be suprised if they don't smile back...
For they may be smiling inside~
Because maybe they've forgotten to show,
But maybe not forgotten how to feel.

2 smile(s):

mangzz. said...

ahah nice tags, smiles are this shit
i did a whole speech on them last year
they actually scientifically make you feel good
by releasing endorphins into your blood stream

true fax ;D

Athena. said...

you're sexy
like your smiles
i'm the first person
cos thats how much i smile when i'm wit chu~

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