Tuesday, 4 January 2011


I'm sick.

Sick of ALWAYS being the one who makes an effort in every friendship.
Sick of being everybody's doormat.
Sick of seeing beautiful people and hating myself.
Sick of trying and failing miserably.
Sick and tired of always being the last one.
But worst of all
I'm sick of being hated by everyone; even if I haven't done anything to hurt them.

/le sigh

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Teresauras said...

"If they want the best of me, they'll stand with me through my worst." You're forehead, I have a gut feeling, does not read ENTER. Love others, love yourself, love. You cannot fail. What's wrong with being the kaboose?

&finally the words of a man:
Bitches get stitches, they
End up in ditches, so
Get the riches.


zombieduck said...

I don't hate you!
I love you :)

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

so beautiful. x hivennn.

sabine cara said...

i don't hate you at all!

i know this feeling oh so well though.
be strong.

xx scarzz

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