Tuesday, 1 March 2011


The one of few days where I'm meant to feel special and happy;

Just feels like any ordinary day where I want to cry.

I hate being the centre of the attention where everyone just stares at you and sings at you.
I'm happy being invisible and alone, where nobody pays any attention and nobody bothers.
I don't want anything else but the ground to swallow me up so I can disappear.

Because if there's anything that I cannot stand, its people forcing themselves to sing for you.
Not to mention all the insincere wishes, smiles and meaningless conversation.

I. Don't. Want. Any. Of. It.

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zombieduck said...

<3 I totally agree with wanting to just blend in and go about things without people noticing you.
/creepy face.
<3 :) Happy Bday!

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