Monday, 14 March 2011

Embrace your body... everyone is made equal and you're all beautiful in your own way.
Its all bullshit. 
If you're unfortunate looking, people will hate on you, you'll never have any so called "true" friends and when it comes to people who will back you up; Everyone's already running to the other side before you have a chance to look behind you.
If you're rich, powerful and beautiful, you have the world at the tips of your fingers, and the people are your puppets.
They'll agree to anything you say, do anything you want, and back you up when shit goes down.
Beauty has its own magic in itself (sex appeal).

The truth is, you are your own friend.
You're always gonna be one against the odds, and when you're right, people will tell you that you're wrong.
When you dream big, people will be there all along the way to crush them and suppress you.
Everyone's there to knock you down... But like they say; get back up and keep going.
Because in the end, you learn more from not having anybody there to help you along the way.

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sabine cara said...

this is so inspiring (:

xo scarzz

I V Y said...


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